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Appointment Rules
How much lead time do you require when clients book online? All clients are allowed to book with in 24 hours.
 Cancellation Policy 
How close to start time can clients cancel their appointments online? 
All clients are required to cancel 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment.Failure to do so will lead to loss of any deposits and prepayed services.  
Setting Appointments
When setting an online appointment please be sure that you choose the correct service.  If you are unsure feel free to give your stylist a call.  The service that you scheduled online must be the service you receive at the time of your appointment.

Celebrity clients only please email me for bookings at


Reliability Rating?
What is the lowest Reliability Rating a client may have and still be allowed to schedule online? all clients must maintain a rating of 3.5 or higher to be allowed to place online appointments.

New Client Policy?
My new clients must show up for their first appointment before booking additional appointments.

If you need assistance please call 832-259-2188